Om oss / About us

The UN climate goals is ours.

Consistio Advisory Group arbetar med affärsutveckling. Arbetet sker i projektform beroende på efterfrågan och intressen från marknaden av våra tjänster. Vi arbetar med fokus på högteknologiska klimatlösningar för en hållbar social utveckling. I Sverige arbetar vi med att utveckla Jemta Fjällby, i Bergs kommun, Jämtland, cirka 20 minuters bilfärd från Vemdalen City. Jemta Fjällby blir en s.k ”Gated community” och helt klimatsmart. Din trädgård blir vildmarken och absolut tystnad. En hälsofylld och rogivande modern tillvaro.

Consistio Advisory Group consists of a carefully selected internationally discrete networld of professional people who share the same values, ethically and morally. We are a fully political independed networld.

We are unwaveringly apolitical and see every country on earth as a sovereign country or state. We believe that all people have equal value, regardless of color or race.

The purpose of the group is to work to ensure that existing high-tech ECO solutions come forward and begins to be used immediately to decrease our climate problems and thereby take better care of our planet Earth.

Consistio Group works as a complete body, this means that our networld together can in a professional way take high tech ECO solutions into the market for immediate use as soon as decisions has been made.

Following services is handled by Consistio Group through our own networld:

  • Find Senior people in Europe in the business world that strives for the same goals and sharing the same values as Consistio Group
  • Find EXISTING High Tech ECO Solutions

Initiator of immediate climate actions

The network is also the initiator of suggested so-called ”spontaneous movements” which on their own immediately affect our climate positively through changed lifestyle and values.

Consistio Group is only working with partners that shares the same values and climate goals.

Consistio Group = partner to find existing HighTech climate systems

We are in search of existing HighTech climate solutions that can be implemented at once.